Will Oil Prices Return to Lofty Heights?

With the recent bombing of Saudi Arabia’s major oil processing center in Abquaiq this week, crude oil price futures quickly jumped 20% on Monday, and subsequently backed down today 5 %. Market response was attributed to Saudi announcements that production taken out by the attack could be back to full or near full capacity in 3
Well, summer is officially upon us – the weather is hot, the job markets are active and our team is on fire! It has been a busy Spring/Early Summer for our OneSource team, attending industry conferences from New Orleans to Midland, celebrating past successes and working hard on current ones. Read More
Henry Shurlds, OneSource partner was recently honored as a Distinguished Engineering Fellow by Mississippi State University’s Bagley College of Engineering. Henry’s recognition by MSU is well-deserved, and the Krewe of OneSource could not be prouder!

Winter NAPE 2019-Our Impressions

Our oil and gas talent search group descended upon Houston with a chock-a-block day full of meetings with clients in downtown Houston on Wednesday last week. My initial opinion after visiting with our clients was that we were in for another year of good search assignments but would be swimming against the current more in terms