You’ve passed the traditional interview and your skills and experience are a match!  What’s next? For many companies the follow up interview is the BEHAVIORAL interview. Is it possible to prepare for these situational questions? YES! Possible and critical! Prospective employers use the behavioral interview to determine your future behavior based on how you handled past experiences.  What are they looking
As we at OneSource Professional Search celebrate our 16th Anniversary this month, we are feeling extremely grateful and appreciative of our candidates and clients that have put their trust in us and joined us on this journey! Our team expends much effort to build and foster relationships that have provided us with such a strong foundation for
At times, I find that hiring managers delay initiating a search to hire an experienced professional, even though the hire is critical to the company’s future growth. The following is an e-mail reply to a hiring manager who procrastinated on an important staff addition: “Yes, Roger, that is the way life rolls when you have
As a recruiter, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had conversations with both hiring managers and prospective candidates who have voiced their frustrations with being unable to effectively execute job searches successfully in a short time frame. Candidates express that they apply to vague job postings (usually half a page in length) and