Business organizations thrive and flourish with dedicated, ambitious and self-reliant employees. As Search Consultant at OneSource, Adriana’s passion is to seek and connect these individuals with companies that aspire to be industry leaders. Adriana spearheads the firm’s onshore Oil & Gas upstream and midstream practice areas concentrating in the Permian and Rocky Mountain regions. Prior

15 Years and Counting…

What an amazing ride we are on – Partner and OneSource Founder, Dave Mount, reflects on the journey and the role that all of you have played in the 15 years of success that OneSource celebrates this month! What an amazing milestone to reach and we are so thankful for all who have contributed in
…can often be difficult to measure. After all, each person and role within your organization brings different strengths and responsibilities to the table. Not to mention, the same role can mean very different things to a company’s bottom line depending on industry served, market share, geography, time period, economic climate, etc. For example, a Software