Onesource Team on Halloween

It’s a New Year and a new decade. The time is ripe for those new year resolutions and self-reflection on what you want to achieve this year professionally. Unfortunately, this past holiday season has been dampened with a plethora of announcements from both technical professionals and news outlets that layoffs are happening with more to

Holiday Hiring Slow Down?

Seeing an online post last week, “Christmas doesn’t start until after Halloween” made me chuckle since many stores are starting to stock holiday decorations/lighting or they are certainly staged up for display immediately following Halloween We unfailingly hear that companies/managers slow the interviewing/hiring process due to holiday vacations and parties and that it’s best for
“I’m not looking right now.” “I just started a new job.” “I’m not interested at this time.” These are common responses that recruiters hear when attempting to connect with potential candidates. They reveal a lack of understanding of the real benefits of working with professional recruiters for the advancement of their careers. There are two